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Have you noticed yours and your neighbors roof looking black or streaked? Dirty streaked roofs are pretty common in the south, especially the north facing sides of homes due to the lack of sun exposure. This issue is actually not mold or mildew but algae, yes that’s right. It’s a blue-green type of airborne algae that slowly consumes your roof giving it the ugly appearance. Without proper professional roof cleaning, this algae will spread across the entirety of your roof. More can be found here.


However, what you may not know is that it’s more than aesthetics, this algae will slowly and rapidly eat away at your roof, especially shingles. It can and will cause leaks if not properly taken care of.  Our trained techs will clean your roof with safe low pressure just like we would softwash your siding but we apply a formulated roof mixture.  If you have searched “roof cleaning near me”, you will be pleased to know that our process is recommended by the roof manufacturers and will not void any warranty you may have on your roof. Some insurance companies and HOAs require you to keep your roof streak free. Roof cleaning is a difficult and dangerous job. It’s not something that most people can do themselves, which is why we offer professional services for residential roofs and commercial roofs in the LaGrange area. We have all the equipment necessary to get up on your roof safely, as well as years of experience doing this work. Read about BEST HOUSE WASHING IN LAGRANGE, GA

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