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Gutter Cleaning in Lagrange GA

The GA-AL Area’s Top Rated Gutter Cleaning

The colors of Autumn fill your yard with vivid landscapes and falling leaves. But with falling leaves comes clogged gutters and the need for gutter cleaning. Neglecting to clean your gutters can be a costly mistake if rainwater seeps inside your home or damages your property which can put a major damper on your curb appeal. Gutter cleaning is the process of removing any debris, dirt and leaves from your gutter system and to keep rainwater flowing freely from the roof to the ground. Using the proper tools, supplies and procedures, we are sure to have your gutters cleaned and keep the water flowing through your gutter system!

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Benefits of our Lagrange Gutter Cleaning Services

Unclogged gutters tunnel rainwater off your roof through downspouts away from your home. But when leaves, dirt and debris clog gutters, rainwater gets trapped inside the gutter, preventing the water from moving off the roof. When rainwater penetrates through the surface of your roof, it can cause roof rot, weaken your roof’s construction and can seep from the roof into your home. Having your gutters cleaned regularly can prevent these issues!

Rainwater stuck in gutters can destroy your home’s exterior, especially when the weight of the debris makes a gap in your gutter system. This can affect areas such as shingles covering your house, soffits and keeping moisture out of the attic, and fascias ventilating the roof. When these areas get waterlogged, they stop working and mildew and algae grow on the exterior wall and paint will begin to peel and chip. This can be detrimental to your home and its curb appeal.

When gutters are filled with gunk, the water from your roof heads straight for your basement and foundation. It can also erode your landscaping. Keeping your gutters free of dirt and debris will deter extensive water from destroying your basement, foundation and land.

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Cleaning gutters yourself can be very dangerous! Leave the heights, getting dirty and possibility of coming face to face with pests up to us! Our results speak for themselves – call today!

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Frequently Asked Gutter Cleaning Questions

Cleaning gutters is best done at the end of autumn or at the beginning of spring. We recommend having this service done at least twice a year around those times.

There are a few signs that your gutters need to be cleaned – the presence of animals or pests, water is overflowing, your siding has stain marks, plants are growing inside the gutters and/or your gutters are sagging due to debris buildup.

Cleaning gutters is best done at the end of autumn or at the beginning of spring. We recommend having this service done at least twice a year around those times.

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