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Traditionally, washing a house consisted of getting a pressure washer and using high pressure to clean. What softwashing means is we use safe, low pressure instead of high pressure to clean siding and other delicate surfaces. This means no more issues with damages related to high pressure. Softwashing cleans better, is safer in your home, and your home stays cleaner longer.

Of course! We take great care in providing plant and property protection. We always pre-wet and post-wet any vegetation and grass to ensure they are not affected by any of our products.

The black streaks that tend to grow on your roof are an airborne type of algae. You may just think your roof has collected some dirt, but beware, if left untreated, it can deteriorate your roof and spread to cover the entire roof in a thick layer of algae. This can also cause your electrical bill to spike in the hot months when the roof is trapping all the sun’s heat vs. reflecting heat – as it can’t with the layer of algae growing on it.

Yes, one of our main services is commercial softwashing and pressure washing. We help businesses like restaurants, banks and store front retail businesses keep their brand, image and appearance looking clean all year round. Let us help you set up a cleaning contract today!

Pressure washing goes beyond aesthetics. It helps remove damaging substances like oil, dirt, mildew, and rust. By doing so, it preserves your property’s value and promotes good health. Additionally, pressure washing prepares surfaces for painting and refinishing.

The high pressure associated with a pressure washer can absolutely harm any surface, regardless of whether it is wood, concrete, or siding. With that being said, using a professional pressure washing service like Restore Pressure Washing allows you to take full advantage of the power cleaning associated with a pressure washing machine without having to worry about any damage to the home.

A pressure washing service employs specialized equipment to clean various surfaces using high-pressure water. This equipment is designed to tackle dirt, algae, mildew and other contaminants, revitalizing surfaces and giving them a fresh appearance. With the right equipment and expertise, this service not only enhances the visual appeal of your property but also contributes to its longevity by preventing damage caused by the buildup of debris.

Yes. Our team is highly trained in removing mildew and algae from exterior surfaces. It will not only remove it, but it also helps with regrowth by removing the organics down to the root system. It is essential that the proper cleaning products are used. Give us a call and we will take care of it for you!

Pressure washing can save you money on the maintenance of your home in the long run. Regular pressure washing/soft washing helps in preserving the condition of your home’s exterior surfaces, preventing the buildup of dirt, grime and harmful substances that can lead to costly repairs.

Our team will cover any nearby plants and electrical outlets. All we ask is that you remove anything fragile or anything of importance that you may not want to get wet.

Yes, our team uses products and equipment that allows them to clean your roof safely and efficiently.

Your roof will show signs that it needs to be cleaned but we do recommend having it done every 5-7 years depending on humidity, amount of rain fall, what kind and how many trees you have around your home and other environmental factors.

Cleaning gutters is best done at the end of autumn or at the beginning of spring. We recommend having this service done at least twice a year around those times.

There are a few signs that your gutters need to be cleaned – the presence of animals or pests, water is overflowing, your siding has stain marks, plants are growing inside the gutters and/or your gutters are sagging due to debris buildup.

Cleaning gutters is best done at the end of autumn or at the beginning of spring. We recommend having this service done at least twice a year around those times.

Raindrop gutter guards have a 20 year limited warranty. They last so long because they are made of polypropylene and are packed with UV stabilizers to help protect it from the sun.

Raindrop gutter guards have a wide mouth outlet. The wide mouth outlet eliminates any possible “snag areas” because it does not require the zip screws and excessive caulking of a traditional drop outlet. The wide mouth outlet’s opening is up to 4 times larger than a traditional drop outlet.

Raindrop gutter guards are made out of a unique polypropylene blend with added UV stabilizers. Polypropylene is not vinyl and is meant to be outside in the elements. It is used on automobiles, does not absorb water so it will not mold or deteriorate, known for its resistance to fatigue and stays strong in extreme temperatures.

To ensure that your deck and/or fence stays clean and mildew free, we recommend having them cleaned at least once a year. This routine will keep problems like deterioration and damage due to mold from occurring. However, you should adjust this depending on your specific circumstances. Some may need to be cleaned twice or even three times a year depending on conditions.

There are many reasons why you should have your deck cleaned. Pressure washing your deck removes dirt and grime, prevents algae and mildew, prepares for staining or sealing, enhances safety and extends the lifespan of the deck.

Depending on the condition of the wood, you may want to stain & seal or paint the deck. It is a good time to do so since the surface is clean and the organics are removed.

No, we own the lights, but we keep the specific lights that were used on your specific home stored so we know exactly what is needed for the next year.

Although we hope that this does not happen, just give us a call! We will gladly come out and replace the light for you as soon as we can.

No, these lights are made strictly for the holiday season, although permanent lighting is available.

Yes, we are fully insured along with workers comp to provide residential and commercial exterior cleaning.

Yes, each team member is certified through the PWNA (Powerwashers of North America and Spray Wash Academy). They are certified in roof washing (TPO, shingled, metal, slate) structure washing, gutter cleaning and a host of other services that we provide.

We do not use any harsh chemicals that would leave your building or landscaping in danger. We offer a plant protection guarantee for every customer.

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